• DIY Wedding Favors

    Posted on Jun 19 2016 by Theelan in Uncategorized

    1. Cookie Butter/Cake in a Jar – Yummy! Everybody loves a nice, sweet treat. Pick a few of your favorite flavors ( Red Velvet, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Funfetti) and bake away. You can never go wrong with an edible favor! 2. Homemade Signature Drink To Go- I absolutely love the idea of creating your own signature drink and giving your guests the pleasure of taking it home for an after-treat. Collect/purchase mason jars or cute bottles and stick your creative label on it. Then create a fun cocktail beverage for your guests to enjoy either during the party or after. These will most definitely be put in good use. 3. Give your Guests a Plant to Take Home- Purchase mini flower pots at a craft store and make your own plants! You can plant your favorite flower and even match the colors to your theme! Not only will your guests be excited to take home their brand new plant/flower that they can watch grow, but it will also create an excellent decoration for the room! 4. $1 Lottery Tickets- Giving each and every one of your guests a lottery ticket to take home as a favor from your wedding is

  • Locations for Wedding/Engagement Photos

    Posted on May 5 2016 by Theelan in Uncategorized

    Whether you are looking for a local spot to take engagement photos or a beautiful park to capture amazing wedding pictures with your bridal party, location is going to be key. Depending on the theme you are going for, there are tons of local spots a short distance away from our venue. Considering I have brides and grooms every day asking for local parks and beautiful areas to take pictures nearby, I figured I’d share with everybody a recommended list of speechless spots locally to take your engagement or wedding photos. Lambert’s Castle, Paterson NJ – This is a very beautiful historic park only a few miles away from our venue that I definitely recommend. I have seen the most breathtaking wedding photos taken at this location. Van Saun Park, Paramus NJ- This park has great scenery, snow or shine! You can even have some fun with it and take pictures next to or on a carousel or take a train ride through the park. Palisades Interstate Park, Fort Lee NJ – If you are more interested in the city look, this park is perfect for wedding photos. It overlooks the George Washington Bridge and the rest of Breathtaking views.

  • Looking for a Fun Yet Simple Wedding Cake?

    Posted on Apr 27 2016 by Theelan in Uncategorized

    So for those who already have their Wedding venue booked,  I’m sure your next big project is figuring out what you want your cake to look like. I’ve noticed a new and fun trend that I wanted to share with everyone; the Naked Cake. It’s definitely not your traditional Wedding cake for those who hate following traditional style weddings. This style cake is different, fun, and very hip. The naked cakes don’t have the outside layer of butter cream frosting like the traditional wedding cakes have. This new trend of cakes is simple and elegant,  yet very beautifully hand-made. Great news! The Naked Cakes are included in all of our Wedding packages here at The Elan! So if you are looking for something fun, simple, and beautiful all in one, consider trying something different and ordering a Naked Cake for your big Wedding Day!

  • Assigned Seating 101

    Posted on Mar 18 2016 by Theelan in Uncategorized

    I’m sure as your Big day is getting closer and closer, you’re trying to decide what cute ideas you can come up with for your escort/place cards. From attending and working many events in the past, I have seen many different ideas and creative styles to let your guests know where they will be sitting during the reception. I’m sure most of us are on a budget and place cards are something you really don’t want to spend a fortune on. I can totally relate. Today I wanted to share a few ideas of different way you can let your guests know which table they will be sitting at, without making them confused or giving them a headache. 1. A giant seating chart is personally my favorite idea. It’s different, creative, makes a nice decoration, and saves you the hassle of putting out all 175 place cards the day of. In order to make a seating chart work, you have to put it in a place where everybody is going to see it BEFORE they start heading into the reception room. I have seen people put their seating chart right at the entrance of the reception room. DO NOT DO

  • Budget-Friendly Center Pieces

    Posted on Mar 10 2016 by Theelan in Uncategorized

    Are you having an event and trying to keep all of your costs under a certain budget? Well if you are, you definitely aren’t the only one. Events can get super costly especially after booking your venue and your DJ and you may feel that now you don’t have all the money that you wish you did to buy the beautiful center pieces from the florist that your friend recommended you to. But in my opinion, home-made DIY(Do it yourself) center pieces are even better! Not only will making your own center pieces save you tons of money, but they can be made exactly how you want them and you can show off your creative skills to all of your guests. You can spray paint mason jars or modge-podge gold glitter to glass vases. You can add sand, candles, flowers, etc. to give it a beautiful look to fit your theme and your personality! Pinterest is the best place to look if you want to save a few hundred or thousand dollars on your Wedding. Creating your own centerpieces may sound stressful and time consuming and this could be true if you wait till the last minute to start them.